COLOR ADHESIVE EPS is used for gluing Styrofoam panels on mineral substrates made of concrete and minimum 2 months old, bricks, plaster, Ytong, Salonite and other substrates.


COLOR ADHESIVE EPS is vapour-permeable with great application characteristics.


Prior to application, substrate should be even, firm, dry, clean and free of frost. Mix the contents of the 25 kg bag with approximately 5 – 5.5 liters of water and stir the mass manually or with an electric mixer until it becomes homogeneous. Allow the mixture to rest for about 10 minutes and then stir again. Apply COLOR ADHESIVE EPS to the edges of the panel in strips, and to the center of the panel in dots. Then press the panel on the properly prepared substrate. After 2 – 3 days, additionally fix the panels with anchors, depending on the height of the building, and begin with the reinforcement.


Packaging units:

25 kg

Consumption calculation

Enter the square meters for quick calculation:

* Consumption is calculated per one coat.
    surface preparation dry, firm, cleaned
    application notched trowel
    drying 3 – 3 days
    consumption 5 .0 – 5.0 kg/m²
    storage from +5 °C
    to +35 °C