COLOR is a brand with a long-standing tradition of more than 185 years, offering quality products for reliable wood and metal surface protection and painting at a reasonable price. For more than six generations, the quality, ease of use and reliability of products (enamels, varnishes and other coatings) have been developed from the very beginning, always taking advantage of own know-how. High customer loyalty is the one that keeps the value of the brand to date. COLOR is a synonym for quality easy to use products that are accessible to everyone.


The KANSAI HELIOS group dates back to 1924 and today operates among the top ten coating companies in Europe. With 14 production plants, 145,000 m² of production areas and 30 owned local sales units, the KANSAI HELIOS group supplies more than 15,000 customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

High standards, an extensive know-how, passion for innovation and the drive for continuous improvement form the environment where Helios smart coatings are born. R&D at the KANSAI HELIOS group is very strong and organized in one of the most modern R&D facilities in the international market.

Laboratories are fully equipped with advanced technology and know-how is regularly transferred among experts at the highest level. We understand the importance of innovation in all areas of our work and constantly encourage research, education, and expertise to create an innovative working environment.


Our product range combines the basic products needed to protect different surfaces in your home. It is divided into five clear segments that are characterized by five colour codes. Under the green, you will find products for wood protection – wood stains and varnishes. Under the blue colour you will be able to choose among the products for the protection of wood and metals – solvent-based and water-based enamels. Orange indicates thinners, violet colour have the products for interior and exterior wall surfaces.


Our mission is to develop and produce high quality decorative and protective coatings for wood, metal and walls that provide our customers with an authentic experience of a true master.
Quality and tradition are the values we cherish and strive. They are at the heart of every can of COLOR paints we put on shelve and we will never compromise them. Our commitment to our customers will remain our highest priority leading us to act with integrity with every decision we make.
Our goal is to create a consistent products with reliable quality so that when a customer selects COLOR paints they know exactly what to expect – and will not be disappointed.


COLOR delivers the robust and compact product range and easy-to-use products that are available to buy everywhere, suitable also as basic starter kit for young and fresh DIY people.