As part of our commitment to sustainability and minimizing the environmental impact of our products and activities, Color is proud to announce the introduction of recycled paint containers. We have always prioritized the contents of our buckets, and now we’re extending our efforts to include the buckets themselves. In March 2023, we unveiled our first line of products packaged in recycled containers. These new containers can be easily identified by their distinctive grey colour and a button label that signifies their eco-friendly nature. The paint inside these grey buckets remains the same quality product found in our traditional white containers. We are committed to transition our entire product range to recycled containers in the future.

The benefits of recycled plastic containers

Packaging serves as a prominent source of plastic waste, presenting a significant environmental challenge. However, plastic possesses exceptional adaptability that is not readily substituted, particularly in paint packaging. The solution lies in plastic recycling and the transition towards a circular economy. Through plastic recycling, we not only prevent its accumulation in the environment but also conserve natural resources, reduce the carbon footprint, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Prime quality containers from recycled plastic

Recognizing the value of plastic waste, we have made the choice to use its potential. We have committed ourselves to supporting our partners’ projects focused on manufacturing plastic containers from recycled materials, integrating them into our product lineup, and further advancing the development of recycled paint containers. Rigorous testing was conducted in our research and development laboratory to ensure that the containers meet the necessary criteria for handle stability, coloration, compression pressure, and impermeability. Our packaging lines and mixing systems were also subjected to thorough testing to guarantee seamless integration of the containers throughout the entire process. Presently, the lids and handles of the containers continue to be made from virgin plastic to uphold optimal quality and stability. The single material composition of the recycled plastic containers ensures that they are 100% recyclable.

When you see grey, you know we’re going green

Our new eco-friendly containers are made from post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) sourced from households and commercial waste collections. As the plastic waste is not sorted based on colour, the combination of different shades gives our containers a distinctive grey hue. This grey colour serves as a visual representation of our commitment to eco-friendliness, symbolizing our dedication to protecting the environment. In other words: when you see grey, you know we’re going green.