7 golden COLOR protection rules

When deciding on how to protect and decorate wall surfaces or wood and metal elements to ensure they serve you for a long time, consider some simple rules for success.

1 CHECK THE QUALITY – easy and economical

Proper quality and a good price, packaging that clearly states the intended use and easy product selection are the features of the COLOR brand that provide COLOR-worthy protection.

2 CONSIDER THE KNOWLEDGE OF MULTIPLE GENERATIONS – choose products with a tradition

Just as craftsmanship is passed down through the generations, the makers of COLOR coatings too develop and build the tradition on knowledge. COLOR brand products have enjoy the trust of six generations for more than 185 year.

3 CHOOSE THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY – worth protecting and worth COLOR

Let it be  the first protection of new products, or the preservation and restoration of old products – what we value is worth keeping. COLOR ensures that quality protection is accessible to everyone; COLOR products represent both a functional and economical purchase decision.


The COLOR brand includes coatings that are suitable for various types of surfaces such as wood, metals and wall surfaces, all of which provide good adhesion, good coverage, a good appearance and long-lasting protection.

5 ASK THE EXPERTS FOR ADVICE – our experts are at your service

Effective protection can be achieved only through joint efforts. COLOR offers customers a responsive technical-advisory service to assist with advice and support. Ask our COLOR experts!

6 ENSURE A COMPLETE PROTECTION SYSTEM – use the suggested product combinations for optimal effect

Protection system achieves the best long-lasting effects. COLOR has therefore designed a comprehensive system of coatings that work together to provide the most effective protection. You can deeply protect and harden your products with impregnation, use a primer to get the best protection and optimum finish (and protect the metal from rusting), and then add the finish touch to the aesthetics with the final coating.


Before painting wood, metal or wall surfaces, make sure the floors and furniture elements that will not be painted are protected with the suitable PE foil. Use masking tape to protect windows and details. Protect your clothing with overalls. Rinse brushes immediately with water or thinner, depending on the type of coating. Also, make sure that any stains created while using COLOR products are cleaned immediately after the work is done before they are completely dried. With smart protection, you will ensure that COLOR products really brighten and provide long-lasting protection only to the intended surfaces.