COLOR QUICK-DRYING VARNISH is a clear topcoat, with which we protect new and old wooden surfaces, veneered and massive interior furniture. For the protection and excellent appearance we apply it after use of COLOR QUICK-DRYING VARNISH PRIMER.


COLOR QUICK-DRYING VARNISH is distinguished for easy use and quality protection of interior wooden objects. Using it we renew natural wooden surfaces and keep their beauty for next generations.


COLOR QUICK-DRYING VARNISH is applied with a brush or spraying in one or two coats to wooden surfaces. For a better protection effect, apply COLOR QUICK-DRYING VARNISH PRIMER before the application of COLOR QUICK-DRYING VARNISH. Mix COLOR QUICK-DRYING VARNISH thoroughly before use, if necessary thin it with water up to 10 % at the most. Temperature of air and object must be at least 15 °C during application, relative air humidity 75 % at the most. The coat is dry for sanding and recoating after 4 hours. We rocommend slight sanding between coats. Clean tools with water immediately after use. Be careful not to freeze varnish during storage since defrosted it is not suitable for use.


Safety data sheet:

Packaging units:

0.75 l

Consumption calculation

Enter the square meters for quick calculation:

* Consumption is calculated per one coat.
  • interior surfaces
  • suitable for protection of new and old wood
  • suitable for furni- ture protection
  • visible wood structure
application •    brush
•    spraying
drying 4 hours
number of coats 2x (recommended)
coverge in one coat 0.75 l = 6 – 8 m²
storage from +5 °C
to +35 °C