COLOR WOOD PUTTY is intended to eliminate defects and damages to wooden surfaces, which are more or less exposed to the weather conditions (windows, doors, frames, etc.). It is used for puttying of smaller cracks and uneven surfaces before applying COLOR PRIMER FOR WOOD.


COLOR WOOD PUTTY enables that you achieve at the painting of any wooden surfaces the best possible effect. COLOR WOOD PUTTY is easy to apply, sands well and provides a nice, smooth surface before applying COLOR PRIMER FOR WOOD and COLOR ENAMEL.


COLOR WOOD PUTTY is applied with a spatula on a clean and dry surface before applying COLOR PRIMER FOR WOOD. It is applied in two thin coats, depending on damages on wood. COLOR WOOD PUTTY is sanded with sandpaper no. 180 ‒ 220. It is suitable for sanding and recoating after 24 hours. After use, clean tools with COLOR ENAMEL THINNER.


Safety data sheet:

Packaging units:

0.50 kg, 0.90 kg

  • exterior surfaces
  • interior surfaces
  • wooden surfaces
application •    spatula
drying 24 hours
number of layers 1 – 2x
coverage in one layer depending on the size of the defect
storage from +5 °C
to +35 °C