COLOR ACRYLIC PLASTER is ready-made finishing plaster for protection and decoration of surfaces, indoors and outdoors. It can be applied on façades made of fine lime-cement and cement plasters, concrete surfaces and as finishing layer on COLOR EPS external thermal insulation system. COLOR ACRYLIC PLASTER is a white or coloured protective layer, available in two different structures (grained – Z or grooved – R structure). Before the plaster application, apply COLOR GRUND, which improves adhesion to the substrate and ensures a uniform colour shade of the finishing layer.


COLOR ACRYLIC PLASTER is a finishing layer on wall surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Grained (Z) or grooved (R) structure provides good adhesion to most substrates, high weather resistance and furthermore also resistance to scrubbing and impact. COLOR ACRYLIC PLASTER contains the agent, which prevents the growth of algae and mould in moderate weather conditions.


With an electric mixer, mix COLOR ACRYLIC PLASTER thoroughly in the original packaging. We recommend the use of one plaster batch for one façade side. In case more than one plaster batches should be used, mixing different buckets in one larger vessel is recommended to avoid irregular colouration. If necessary, dilute it with water (max. 1 dcl per bucket of plaster). Apply the plaster manually, with a stainless-steel trowel in the thickness of the largest grain, or mechanically – by spraying with appropriate machine. Before starting with work, protect the windows, doors and metal parts. Fortify the substrate with COLOR GRUND, tinted in the desired colour shade.
After 24 hours of drying, you can apply the COLOR ACRYLIC PLASTER. The substrate must be flat, clean, dry, unfrozen and firm. Apply the plaster evenly on the substrate in the thickness of the largest grain.
COLOR ACRYLIC PLASTER Z (grained structure) should be structured immediately after the application by using plastic smoothing trowel, applying circular strokes to achieve even and filled structure.
COLOR ACRYLIC PLASTER R (grooved structure) should be structured 5 – 10 min after application by using plastic smoothing trowel: applying circular, vertical or horizontal strokes, until the desired structure is achieved. Apply to the entire surface at once, without interruption, wet on wet. Air and substrate temperature during the application and drying should be not lower than +5 °C and higher than +35 °C. Relative air humidity should be lower than 80 %. The plaster should not be applied on the surfaces directly exposed to sun (protect the walls with the curtains) or during rainy, foggy or windy weather. We recommend façade protection for at least 24 hours after application.


Safety data sheet:

Packaging units:

25 kg

Consumption calculation

Enter the square meters for quick calculation:

* Consumption is calculated per one coat.
  • exterior surfaces
  • water resistance and vapour permeability
  • protection against weather influences (sun, rain, snow)
  • resistant to abrasion and impact
dilution max. 1 dcl
application notched trowel
working conditions od +5 °C
do +35 °C
drying 25 hours
number of coats 1x
coverage in one coat 1.5 mm Z =
cca. 2.5 kg/m²
2.0 mm R =
cca. 3.0 kg/m²
storage from +5 °C
to +35 °C