COLOR EMULSION 1 : 5 is a base coat, which improves effect of painting and adhesion of COLOR WALL PAINT or COLOR FAÇADE PAINT to chalked, crumbly and porous surfaces.


In case that the walls are partially chalked, crumbly or porous by using COLOR EMULSION 1 : 5 you will improve effect of renovation. COLOR EMULSION 1 : 5 absorbs into substrate, decreases surface permeability, binds badly bound particles and significantly improves adhesion of paints to chalked, crumbly and porous surfaces.


Prior to application of COLOR EMULSION 1 : 5, surface should be cleaned, dry and degreased. COLOR EMULSION 1 : 5 is diluted with water in ratio 1 : 5, namely 1 part of COLOR EMULSION 1 : 5 and 5 parts of water. It is applied with brush, roller or spraying. After use clean tools with water. During storage emulsion should not freeze, because after melting it is not usable any more.


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1.00 l

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