COLOR FACADE PAINT is designed for protection and painting of new and renovation of old exterior surfaces
– plaster, concrete and other mineral surfaces.


COLOR FACADE PAINT protects exterior surfaces against weather influences and harmful influences of industrial atmosphere. It is distinguished for good coverage and good adhesion to different substrates.


Prior to use of COLOR FACADE PAINT, the surface should be firm, dry, thoroughly cleaned and impregnated with COLOR EMULSION 1 : 5. COLOR FACADE PAINT is applied with a brush, roller or spraying at working temperature between + 5 °C to + 30 °C. COLOR FACADE PAINT is thinned, if necessary with water up to 15 % at the most (depending on application mode). Recoating is possible after 24 hours.


Safety data sheet:

Packaging units:

5 l, 14 l

Consumption calculation

Enter the square meters for quick calculation:

* Consumption is calculated per one coat.
  • interior surfaces (walls, ceilings)
  • concrete, plaster, minerals
  • top paint
  • protection against weather influences (sun, rain, snow)
  • protection against influences of industrial atmosphere
surface preparation dry, firm, cleaned (we recommend impregnation with COLOR EMULSION 1 : 5)
application •    brush
•    roller
•    airless spraying
drying 12 hours
number of coats 2x (recommended)
in two coats
5.0 l = 15 – 20 m²
14.0 l = 40 – 60 m²
storage from +5 °C
to +35 °C