COLOR PRIMER FOR WOOD is a primer for wood protection, indoors and outdoors. It is intended for large and small surfaces, for the best effect it is applied before the application of COLOR ENAMEL.


COLOR PRIMER FOR WOOD enables that at the painting of optional wood surface you reach the best possible effect. It ensures good covering power and thus excellent base for easier further protection procedure with COLOR ENAMEL.


COLOR PRIMER FOR WOOD is applied to wooden surfaces before using COLOR ENAMEL. Prior to application of COLOR PRIMER FOR WOOD the surface should be clean, sanded and dry. The defects on wood may be
corrected with a COLOR WOOD PUTTY. It is applied with a brush or roller in 1 – 2 coats. The primer is dry enough for sanding and recoating after 24 hours.


Safety data sheet:

Packaging units:

0.65 l, 3.50 l

Consumption calculation

Enter the square meters for quick calculation:

* Consumption is calculated per one coat.
  • exterior surfaces
  • interior surfaces
  • wooden surfaces
  • primer
application •    brush
•    roller
drying 24 hours
number of coats 1–2x (recommended)
coverage in one coat 0.65 l = 6 – 8 m²
3.50 l = 32 – 42 m²
storage from +5 °C
to +35 °C