COLOR ENAMEL THINNER is used to dilute COLOR solvent-based enamels and lacquers. We use it also for cleaning the tools after painting.


COLOR ENAMEL THINNER enables to dilute COLOR solvent-based enamels and lacquers and helps clean grease impurities from metal surfaces, which we want to protect.


When thinning of solvent-based coatings consider the thinning ratio, stated on the packaging of a coating. Use suitable protective means at the cleaning the tools, such as protective gloves.

Safety data sheet:

Packaging units:

1.00 l

  • diluting of COLOR solvent-based enamels and varnishes
  • wooden surfaces
  • metal surfaces
  • cleaning of tools after painting
empty packaging recycling sites
packaging with thinner rests hazardous waste collection sites
storage above +5 °C