COLOR NITRO THINNER is intended for thinning of quick-drying paints and paints and lacquers on nitro basis. It is also used for cleaning of tools after finished work.


COLOR NITRO THINNER enables thinning of quick-drying paints and lacquers on nitro base. In addition to that, it also helps to clean the surfaces, which we want to protect. With COLOR NITRO THINNER we remove grease from metal surfaces and wax and resins from wooden surfaces.


When diluting paints, observe the dilution ratio indicated on the package. Use suitable protective means when cleaning the tools, such as protective gloves.

Safety data sheet:

Packaging units:

1.00 l

  • wooden surfaces
  • metal surfaces
  • cleaning
  • degreasing
  • cleaning of tools after painting
empty packaging recycling sites
packaging with thinner rests hazardous waste collection sites
storage from +5 °C
to +35 °C